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What is the use of high density nanosponges?

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High-density nano-sponge is also called compressed nano-sponge, fourth-generation nano-sponge, compressed melamine foam, compressed melamine foam, Nano sponge as a new high-tech material, It is a three-dimensional grid structure with high open porosity. The new foam plastic, its stable chemical structure and three-dimensional network cross-linking system make it have unique chemical and physical stability. It will not age and decompose under weak acid and weak alkali environment, and there is no residual free formaldehyde. Its hygienic property can reach Food hygiene requirements. Melamine foam is widely used in many fields such as building acoustics, with excellent sound absorption, flame retardancy, heat insulation, moisture and heat stability, hygienic safety and good secondary processing properties. Automobile manufacturing, rail transit, aerospace navigation, equipment/air conditioning, industrial thermal insulation, industrial noise reduction, nano-sponge not only in the industrial field, but also in the field of cleaning and cleaning. Nano sponges can wipe off such products as leather goods, refrigerators, air conditioners, microwave ovens, hardware products, locks, door and window glass, vases, plastic tables and chairs, shower rooms, children's toys, plastic trash cans, office equipment, dishes and tea sets, mosaic tiles, etc. The stain above.




The high-density nano-sponge is a professional nano-sponge manufacturer represented by Xiamen Share Nano. After intensive research and development by the company's technicians, it has finally invented a new nano-melamine foam production process, which has improved the physical properties and other technologies of the nano-sponge material. The index compensates for the inherent defects of nano-melamine foam which is easy to break, easy to crack, easy to slag and wear fast. Its representative products include Meijiaxin's 4th generation nano-sponge, a touch of net, graffiti wiping, leather net, wall must clear, whitening and cleansing.