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Xiamen Share Nano Technology Co., Ltd.

--China's melamine foam application leader--

Xiamen Share Nano focus on the production and application development of melamine foam. It has the advantage of strong research and development and high-quality products. It is the fourth-generation nano sponge material application provider in China.

Open up new technologies, new life, and new product markets;

Leading an innovative, environmentally friendly and healthy lifestyle!

The company has an independent production base, has made new breakthroughs in nano materials, obtained product patents and original technologies, and successfully developed a number of innovative products.

Our Strength
Xiamen Share Nano Technology Co., Ltd. was established in April 2010.

10 years,We are just focusing on the development, processing and application development of melamine sponge (melamine foam).

We are China's professional 4th generation nano foam (melamine foam) application program provider, one of the world's professional melamine foam manufacturer.

Our Team
Xiamen Share Nano  is committed to the application and development of nano-sponge, and the technical precipitation of many years has created the quality advantage  in the 4th generation nano-sponge.

Company products: the fourth generation of nano-sponge, composite melamine sponge, compressed nano-sponge, scented cotton, filter cotton; magic rub;  teeth cleaning kit,  wall  cleaner, brick cleaner,  apple dewaxing, graffiti wiping, Special mold for injection mold repair.

Our Service
The products developed by Xiamen Share Nano  have been widely used in aviation, shipbuilding, automobile manufacturing, rail transit, acoustic noise reduction, industrial insulation, architectural decoration, cleaning and daily necessities.

The company's products are distributed in dozens of countries around the world, providing customers with ODM personalized customization and professional services, and have been well received by domestic and foreign customers!




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