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Why technology foam remove stains only need water

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The so-called technology foam is also called melamine foam, the melamine foam, In fact, is made of melamine spone. Yes, melamine sponge is the protagonist of the horrible milk powder incident that year. However, Melamine Foam is not toxic, But it cannot be ingested. If long-term consumption does cause kidney stones, calcification, and even kidney failure, it is more likely to cause life-threatening problems for infants and young children. However, melamine sponge can not be used to eat, does not mean that it can not be used. Like many chemical substances that are “not used to eat”, melamine is often found in household cleaning, sound insulation boards, fireproof sponge sheet, etc.

Melamine is an organic compound,  It is a melamine formaldehyde resin (melamine-formaldehyde resin, MF, also known as "melamine formaldehyde resin"), one of the main raw materials.

The technology foam is made of melamine formaldehyde resin foam. The three-dimensional network structure inside will form numerous nano-capillary tubes after being wetted. It has strong adsorption force and can enter the gap of the container surface when wiping the object, and the dirt is removed. The oily molecules are absorbed, and when they are washed, they will be flushed, and the oil that is brushed out will be taken away by the water. Belongs to physical cleaning.

Then why sponge become the smaller, because the friction process is rushed, the mesh structure is broken and broken, and the external force is squeezed to make the pores tightly compressed together.

What are the details to be aware of when using technical foam?

Many mothers are worried about the harm of detergent residue to the human body, and the technology foam only needs clear water to quickly remove stains. It is a good substitute for dishwashing sponge. In order to increase the oil removal effect, the hot water decontamination effect is more obvious. For brushed items, be sure to rinse them out.

Some people think that the technology foam cleaning power is strong, it is very convenient to use it to wash your face, and it is very convenient to remove the makeup. This will prevent the skin on the surface of the skin from being wiped off, causing redness and swelling.